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Now remove or merge duplicate records from SharePoint list with 3 easy steps.

Duplicate records are pain, no matter how careful we are but over a period of time there is a good chance that duplicate records got entered/imported in sharepoint lists. It is better to remove or merge duplicate from your sharepoint list periodically to keep your data clean and valuable. Out of the box there is not an easy way to do it. With this add-in now you can do it fast and free of cost. Try the add-in, if any issues contact for free support.


- Define duplicate rule to identify duplicate records.

- Compare duplicate records.

- Batch merge selected records.

- Batch Delete selected duplicate records.

- See errors for failed records when merging or deleting duplicate records.


-Works with SharePoint Online or on-premise.

-No feature requirements.

-Supports Edge, Firefox (latest), Chrome(latest)


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