TEST4U Evaluate and Assess Skills


Assessment and evaluation services for Word competences (basic and advanced levels)

TEST4U Microsoft Office add-in allows you to assess and evaluate your level of competence at MS-Word. TEST4U provides an overall assessment and evaluation for your skills concerning the various MS-Word features in order to give you feedback about your level of competence.

TEST4U is not just another add-in!

TEST4U is the tool to help you assess and evaluate your skills.

TEST4U is also available in a full stand-alone version which provides an even wider range of categories and a testing environment identical to the Certificate Examinations one (MOS Certiport, ECDL/ICDL, e.tc.).

The TEST4U Expert test cannot run in Word Online, due to its lack of features. You need a desktop installation of Word to run the Expert test.

Give it a try!

Visit now www.test4u.eu

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