Talview Interviews


Adds plugin to Teams Meeting allowing interviewer to view candidate details and fill interview form

Instructions: Select option 'Add to Meeting' from the drop-down and select the scheduled interview on Outlook calendar to start using the app.

Talview Interviews integrates with Microsoft Teams to enable recruiters and interview panel members to access candidate details in Talview, including resume and assessment results, in a Teams tab to prepare for an interview. During a Teams video interview, Talview Interviews empowers interview panel members to capture and submit feedback via the Talview meeting sidebar which syncs the feedback back into Talview and your applicant tracking system. Using Talview Interviews on Teams enables collaborative hiring, helping your organization make faster decisions by putting your entire interview workflow into Teams.

If you have an active subscription with ‘Talview’ you can use the same. If not, this will create a new free trial subscription.

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