Display Recent Changes

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This SP App provides you the quick view of the documents which has been modified recently

Display Recent Changes is a SharePoint hosted application created so you could easily view the list of recently modified documents.

It provides you the file type, document title, modified by, time last modified, document author, site/document library of the document, download link for every file on the list. Office documents will be automatically opened in office web apps. Other documents will be opened in browser or downloaded.

It is intended to be used as a webpart on the host page on which the App is installed. Sorting and searching is available.

You can also control which user's documents will be shown on the list which means that you can "follow" only certain people and their changes.

Every user have to add itself on the list to show files he/she has created or modified (by using the "Add me to recent Changes List" button). If there are no users on the list, App will show the changes for current user.

The app relies on SharePoint Search or Office Graph so it's up to SharePoint when the content gets refreshed.

(Does not work properly in IE9)

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