The Operating System for the Knowledge Economy. Access your insights directly from your documents.

EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud solves the problem of Unified Discovery, Unified Access and Unified Tracking across very large sets of fragmented internal, external and Subject Matter Expert (SME) content needed by employees, customers and partners/developers in their daily flow of work. Global organizations have achieved 20% productivity gains and 50% performance improvements with this unified digital experience.

We partners with leading content providers to operate the world's largest ContentExchange for knowledge and learning to efficiently surface valuable content for our client’s needs.

EdCast’s 360 analytics provides powerful insights into your organization’s Knowledge and Skills Graphs, which are critical for tracking and improving team performance. In addition, EdCast’s mobile-first capability provides learning at the point of need, while EdCast’s in-app AI-powered capabilities drive enhanced learning in the flow of work.

An EdCast account is required. Please contact us at to get started.

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