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Control your slideshow directly from the Present Pal app to make presenting easy and accessible!

Please note you need to have purchased the Present Pal app from the app store or play store in order to use the Present Pal add-in, or have an existing Present Pal license. For more information visit

The Present Pal add-in allows you to create your presentation notes, and control your PowerPoint slideshow while using the Present Pal app. Creating your notes and connecting is easy, you simply need internet access on both PowerPoint and Present Pal!

The Present Pal app offers users accessible interactive flashcards to help users deliver more confident presentations in the classroom, at University and in the workplace. The add-in integrates with the app and allows users to control their slideshow directly from the app.

No need to stress about clickers, cue cards, notes, and technical problems when presenting! Present Pal and the Present Pal add-in make your latest presentation your best presentation!

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