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Add-in to use data from Nobilex in your Word document. Also transformation of numbers.

Nobilex is a software for the notarial profession, which helps offices to work on their deeds (Letter), structured its documentation and complete the entire flow of getting a client’s deed notaries in a single application. The Nobilex for Word Add-in is created specifically for users of Nobilex Platform. This would help Nobilex users to received data from Nobilex platform to Ms Word in context to the Text Blocks, Number conversion [English to Dutch & Vice Versa] and user’s clients [Relaties] information such as their Name, Address. All these details received from Nobilex platform via Nobilex for Word Add-in, so that it becomes easier for user to create a Deed/Letter or any such other legal document as per their need.

- Nobilex for Word is available in English and Dutch language.

- There is no specified Sign-up process for the Nobilex for Word Add-in since user must use their Nobilex Platform Login credentials to login into the Nobilex for Word Add-in.

- Before Log-in user needs to provide the Tenant (Company) name to get their credentials validate to use the Add-in.

- Once user logged in, user can select if they want to fetch a document block from Nobilex Platform / do conversion of time/date/amount from Dutch to English or vice versa / get details of a client [relatie] / Property they are dealing with [Kadastraal Object] from the Nobilex platform.

The Add-in is created as an enhancement to Nobilex platform such that the users of the platform does not have to do too much back and forth to gather the details and complete their process of getting the deeds Notaries for their client. It can work as a one step solution to the Notary world.

*Additional Charge Disclosures*

Nobilex for Word Add-ins requires Nobilex account. Considering the person using the Nobilex for Word Add-in as a authenticated user of Nobilex Platform.

Please Refer below link for opting nobilex platform and pricing details,

*Additional Service or Account Disclosures*

Nobilex for Word Add-ins in Particular do not have any specific in-app purchases or services, Considering the person using the Nobilex for Word Add-in as a authenticated user of Nobilex Platform.

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