DeviceOn/SQ Manager


An innovative software which includes timely monitoring and remote control in Advantech SSD/ Memory

DeviceOn/SQ Manager includes utilities to monitor the real-time status of SQFlash and SQRAM products both locally and remotely and to manage security features of SQFlash products. 

For AIoT applications, the ability to perform massive device management is crucial to enhancing maintenance efficiency as well as overall system stability. With native integration on Advantech’s IoT device management solution DeviceOn, SQFlash and SQRAM’s monitoring features allow system administrators to easily access device information and deliver necessary actions to selected devices remotely. Because data security has always been the core of SQFlash, the package offers an upgraded version of Advantech’s signature SQFlash security utility, which is fully compliant with the latest TCG-OPAL standard and covers SQFlash SATA and NVMe product series.

Advantech offers a flexible software and firmware structure for eco-partner collaboration in developing integrated security solutions dedicated to SQFlash, such as the SQFlash special edition of the McAfee anti-virus program and the advanced Acronis backup and recovery solution. By further extending eco-partner collaboration, we help our customers achieve a higher standard of data integrity and reliability.

What's Inside

  • SSD health monitoring
  • Memory temperature monitoring
  • System power stability monitoring
  • Device workload monitoring
  • Device connection reliability monitoring
  • SSD security setting status check
  • Remote control setup
  • Anti-virus scanning history and database version checking
  • Data backup history
  • Bulk Management & Maintenance
  • Create alert and real-time actions based on device data and predictive analytics.
  • Visualize operations and maintenance with dashboard.

Offer three stage pricing

  • “It’s Free” with connecting Advantech hardware
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