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The digital home that connects your global team. Communicate and engage with the ahead app.

ahead's mission is to create the most inspiring intranet to build engaged workforces. Compared to today’s intranet solutions, ahead is a SaaS app that requires no complex IT project implementations or links platforms, reducing the upfront investment by 90%. Our internal communication platform is an intelligent cloud solution that can be provisioned and ‘rolled-out’ within minutes to new users, without any installation or hassles of a multi-month IT-project. Our customers enjoy immediate evergreen on updates, maintenance and support, and rave about the ease of user experience. Reach your entire workforce and keep them engaged, inspired and productive! Optimized for non-desk workers, ahead's digital workplace improves your company's internal communications, employee engagement, information management and culture management. Are you ready to go ahead? 🚀

Why ahead?
  • ahead let you reach all your desk and non-desk employees in a fast and easy way
  • App available in Google Play and Apple Store
  • Strong integration in your Microsoft Office 365 environment

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