Build a bridge between SAP and the rest of your technological environment

MicSap solution: Unleash the power of your SAP data.

Give a new dimension to your activity by expanding its capacities with MicSap certified connectors for SAP ERP.

SAP integration has been made easy with our MicSap solution that paves the way for you for data integration in the cloud, BI and analytics, databases and process integration.

Micsap is the go-to solution to get a holistic view of enterprise data by providing users with an integrated interface to access functionality and data from various platforms.

Ensure fast and inexpensive integration with SAP.

For companies using SAP ERP and other business applications such as specific systems, Dynamics, CRM, Salesforce, IBM, ... Our MicSap solution for SAP integration is the key to maximizing your existing investments. Designed to achieve integration on time and on budget, MicSap automates data flows and real-time updates.
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