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Generate a complete documentation of your Microsoft Azure Subscription

  • Automatically generate editable diagrams and documentation of your cloud environments and easily monitor changes;
  • All in one tool with Visio & diagrams, Word & PDF documents, billing information, data security and full compliance rules;
  • Compatible with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform as well as on-premises environments with VMware and Hyper-V;
  • Created for small to large business with multiple user account options;
  • Perfect for consultants with several clients;
  • Able to receive emails that contain executive information and changes from previous document generation.

Autogenerated Editable Diagrams

Cloudockit generates fully editable 2D & 3D Visio diagrams of both your Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments. In just a few clicks, get a completely auto-created view of your architecture, and be able to work with. We developed a proprietary engine to automatically create diagrams, optimized for IT landscapes, using well-known layouts and icons used by infrastructure architects.

Automated Technical Documentation

Cloudockit automatically creates Word & PDF documents of Microsoft Azure cloud and on-premises environments, saving you time, energy and reducing the risk of errors. Within a few clicks, you will be able to connect to Cloudockit, select your environment and generate technical documentation of all your environments. You can also define a default custom template for multiple employees to use. A must-have for consulting companies in search of standardization.

Scheduling & Automation

Schedule Cloudockit to generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes in your environment. Cloudockit allows you to save time and get an up-to-date documentation. By automatically setting up elements in Runbook, generating recurring reports and diagrams requires no effort. To ensure maximum security, we do not save your information or keep tokens on our Cloudockit environments. We set it up for Azure to send us the information.

Azure Monitoring

While Cloudockit generates reports, it also evaluates your own custom compliance rules to ensure a perfect set-up and also monitors all of your environments. Our compliance rule engine allows you to create your own set of rules using a WYSIWIG interface with AND/OR logic and nested grouping. It also shows you human-readable properties and non-cryptic developer properties name.

Data Storage and Security

We built Cloudockit with a top priority on security. All documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process, and no sensitive information is stored on disk. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest and best security practices to ensure a secure experience.

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