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The Most Secure Enterprise-grade Content Collaboration

Organizations need to share files. BlackBerry Workspaces™ makes enterprises more mobile and collaborative, while reducing the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information across and beyond your organization. Workspaces provides file-level encryption and user access controls, so your maintain control over your content even after it leaves your firewall. Workspaces also embeds digital rights management (DRM) protection in your files, so you can control what the recipient is able to do with the file once they gain access to it.

    Workspaces increases file security while increasing the productivity of your organization. Users are able to view, edit, comment and collaborate on files on all major device platforms. Our deep integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Office 365 and OneDrive means that your employees can continue to use their existing apps and workflows while seamlessly integrating Workspaces file secure sharing.

      Workspaces allows your employees to work more effectively and safely with outside contributors. This is critical in a world where core business operations are being outsourced and vendor, partner and customer ecosystems are growing rapidly. Workspaces flexible security policy model allows you to create secure collaborative workspaces, control access and assign file permissions at the user, group and domain level. You can extend your security perimeter outside your firewall and collaborate with outside users without risk of losing control of core IP or exposing sensitive information such as personnel records or product designs.

        Only Workspaces delivers the features users want and the control that IT needs.

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