Bosch IERO


IERO with its AI powered personalization engine aims to redefine user journeys

Bosch IERO with its AI powered personalization engine aims to redefine user journeys with interactive experiences of user assistance and recommendations based on context like location & time. We aim at creating value for the end user & business partner bridging the gap between physical & digital space. A new age business solution to all customer requirements which focuses on Enabling, Enriching & Engaging consumers through their Retail in store journey. • Personalization Engine – This enables the retail outlets to provide personalized and targeted ads to consumers. o Personalized Targeted Marketing based on proximity of users (Personalized Proximity Marketing) o Tailored Ads/Offers delivered at Targeted Location depending upon the customer segments, lifestyle categorization, product & brand affinity o Cross Selling and Upselling o Location based information services • Indoor Positioning System- Provides in- store navigation to POI/Aisles & location based services & recommendations. o Uses wifi/beacons to determine the user’s physical location within an enclosed space. • Actionable Insights- IERO provides actionable insights to retailers by effective understanding of the user data. o Heat Maps to measure the occupancy level of aisles o Dwell time- Zone wise analytics o Ad analytics o Store layout optimization • Quick Assist Interactive Kiosk- The Kiosk setup enhances user experience inside the store. o Locate Stores in the Mall map/ Hypermarket o Locate the Shortest route to a particular store/ Aisle o Locate Convenience services (Food, Restroom, kid section etc) o Space for brand advertisements o Understand the product features o Call for assistance at Kiosk
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