Smart Workpapers

από Business Fitness (Accountants) Pty Ltd

Smart Workpapers help accountant's get it right the first time (and every time).

Smart Workpapers are accountant's preferred choice for 100% compliance.

Compliance in a click, standardisation in a second.

One way for your whole firm.

The full suite of Smart Workpapers cover every aspect of compliance with ALL workpapers created, checked and maintained by a team of CAs and CPAs for you.

We do the hard work for you rolling out real time updates, so you have peace of mind that your compliance tools are always up-to-date.

Our Smart Workpapers are flexible, so you can choose what’s included in the workbook for each job. Create any combination of your firm’s templates and ours, with multiple sheets and sign-off for individual items.

Key features:

· Integrates with all major client accounting systems.

· Automatic updates to content including legislative changes

· No re-keying data which means saving time and less errors.

· Instantly see that everything is correct, current and referenced.

Perfect for practices:

· Looking for a standardised solution for workpapers;

· Wanting to minimise risk by using best practice checklists;

· Wanting flexibility to customise workpapers to suit specific needs.

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