Ruby - HR Wiz

CogniTensor Technology Pvt Ltd

An Artificial Intelligence Powered Human Resource Chatbot

‘Ruby - HR Wiz’ is an Artificial Intelligence powered Human Resource Chat bot that helps you easily manage employee queries on a 24x7 basis. Ruby is developed with new generation frameworks that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and incorporate technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, among others. Our HR Chat bot provides a highly customizable customer experience as per your business requirements. This solution will not only help you in reducing the workload on the HR department, but also work towards making your employee engagement effortless and efficient.

Ruby can also be developed for implementation of chat bot services across multiple verticals and industries. Contact us to explore further possibilities.


● CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Ruby uses sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing techniques to understand the questions asked by your employees and responds with an ability to understand the questions, even if they have any spelling or grammatical errors.

● CONTEXT AWARENESS: Ruby makes human-like discussions possible, by managing the dialogue flow and keeping track of the context.

● INTEGRATION TO DATABASES AND EXTERNAL APIs: Ruby can be customized to generate employee specific responses by integrating with your employee database(s) and APIs.

● CROSS-PLATFORM INTEGRATION: Ruby can be easily integrated to numerous external channels such as Teams, Websites, Facebook, Whats App, Slack, etc.

● CONVERSATION LOGS: A complete log of chats is kept so as to further train Ruby and improve customer experience to meet your demands and queries as well as to keep track of visitors.

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