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Easy to export, ready to use, clean summarized historical and fundamental equity data.

Clean, ready to use EOD equity data for over 35,000 companies. Excellent for building portfolios, creating algorithms or academic research projects. Download this data selecting stock markets, countries, and or sectors to start with your comparative analysis.

The aim of is to lower the barrier to entry to investing. The goal is to level the financial playing field by getting everyone, not just the top 1%, to profit from growing economies. has created a set of intuitive tools to support those who have never bought a stock. With graphs, charts, straightforward explanations in laymen terms and animations, has set its goal on unraveling the falsely perceived complexity of stock markets.
For those with less money, less time and less education in finance, shows you how to start owning stocks, pieces of companies, simply, transparently, and affordably.
Until now, banks and brokerages addressed those with a lot of money. Other financial companies allow you to invest cheaply, but don’t show you how to minimize your risk and how to choose individual companies and create a balanced portfolio, that’s what we do. Owning a company is not the same as owning a fund. A fund is a banking product.

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