APS Azure Service

από Flexis AG

flexis APS reduces your current stock levels and increases the reliability of your delivery dates

flexis Advanced Planning and Scheduling optimizes Production Planning using modules for medium-term and short-term planning.

  1. flexis Order Slotting & Scheduling mediates real-time data between sales and production, levelling and smoothing all production orders with a medium-term planning background. Transport planning is coordinated according to material requirements and transport slots within international supply chains. This enables the traceability of daily planning in real-time.

  2. flexis Detailed Scheduling optimizes production programs and creates transparency for demand, resources, and capacities. This gives the production planner precise information to provide to the customer. The standard software with interfaces to MES and ERP can be used without software installation and can be operated in the cloud. A fast, simple, and scalable implementation across the company powers immediate, transparent evaluations of the processes.

  3. flexis Sequencing creates optimized production sequences based on all existing orders in order to ensure efficient production sequences in the short-term planning horizon. This APS solution is suitable for the variant-rich manufacturing industry, in which a resource-optimized assembly sequence is essential. The program enables on-schedule, lean production with permanent adjustments to current requirements.

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