Airline Fuel Analytics

από GE Aviation

Help pilots make informed decisions about fuel and risk

What if you could unlock and consolidate disparate data and put it in the hands of the pilots operating flights to make informed, data-driven decisions about fuel and risk?


What if those pilots could see their individual flight data in a secure, protected environment and enable critical, self-learning moments in their pursuit of operational excellence?


FlightPulse is a fully configurable modular EFB application that puts data key to operational decisions directly in the hand of pilots. Designed by pilots, for pilots, FlightPulse provides access to data like never before. The Preflight module provides aggregated data from across the operation for more informed fuel decisions and departure briefings, while the Postflight module provides secure access to data from a pilot’s individual flight history, allowing them to analyze their own operation of the aircraft in relation to their peers and self-discover areas to optimize operations and efficiency. We’re with you every step of the journey, working alongside your pilots to ensure adoption and maximize your return.

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