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Take command of your contract lifecycle with iLink Digital's ContractEZ.

The Solution:

Empower your organization to optimize contract management and mitigate risks throughout the entire lifecycle:

Centralized Contract Repository:

Store and manage all contracts in one central location using SharePoint Online, providing a unified view for efficient contract management.

Version Control and Tracking:

Easily maintain and track the latest version of contracts, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors in document handling.

Efficient Search Capabilities:

Seamlessly search across contracts to find crucial information, eliminating the hassle of digging through folders or email archives.

AI Enabled Contract creation using Template:

Leverage a template system for easy access, simplifying contract creation using AI & your organization's pre-approved templates for all types of contracts.

Streamlined Contract Authoring:

Author contracts effortlessly using your own office tools, enhancing the efficiency of the contract review process.

Dashboards and Reporting Tools:

Stay on top of commitments with intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, providing a clear overview of contract statuses and obligations.

Universal Document Management:

Regardless of contract type, efficiently manage documents and fulfill obligations with ease.

Empowering Professional Services:

iLink's contract management solution benefits professional services organizations, providing simplified contracting rigor for sales teams and consultancies.

AI Document Classification:

All incoming vendor documents will be automatically classified by AI using the trained model to extract the key details which can then be imported into your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system if necessary.

Seamless Vendor Integration and Contact Management:

Streamline collaboration with vendors by seamlessly integrating contact management functionalities into your application modernization solution. Our platform allows for efficient management of vendor relationships, facilitating communication, document exchange, and collaboration. Utilize advanced AI capabilities for automatic classification of incoming documents, ensuring efficient storage and organization within the Azure environment. With robust security measures in place, including encryption and access controls, rest assured that your sensitive vendor data is always protected, allowing for smooth and secure vendor management processes.

Installation and Integration:

ContractEZ is an offering built on M365, utilizing SharePoint Online, Power Platform and Azure Document Intelligence. Installation is seamless; access the SharePoint online site, search for ContractEZ in the Office store, and click install. Grant the application access to email and SharePoint Online for a hassle-free setup.

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