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An extensive set of Best Practices, Tools & Technologies to enable your Back to Office initiatives.​

One single employee (or guest) infected with COVID-19 can lead to a closure of your entire office resulting in a loss of millions of dollars in revenue. You can significantly decrease the risk of infection by following our best practices and technology-assisted prevention solutions.

Field Genie and iLink Systems have partnered to develop the Covid@Bay solution. Our solution is a streamlined set of best practices, tools, and guidelines leveraging Microsoft Technologies to enable safe "Back to Work" strategies for organization of any size. Our extensible platform works for companies ranging from large corporations, plants, warehouses, and individual stores.

1) Mask Detection
2) Employee Survey & Health Declaration Form
3) Social Distancing Validation
4) Crowd Sizing Safety
5) No Touch ID Verification
6) No Touch Temperature Check
7) Sanitization Schedule

Roll Out Schedule:

iLink & FieldGenie are able to execute the solution in 2 weeks including configuration and setup to get interested customers back to work seamlessly and safely. ​

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