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Experience the evolution of procurement with iLink Digital's ProcureEZ.

Experience the evolution of procurement with iLink Digital's ProcureEZ, a robust Procurement Management System, hosted on SharePoint. Streamline your procurement activities, ensuring procedural compliance and risk control in the tendering process. ProcureEZ digitizes your entire procurement workflow, from bid management to document control, saving invaluable time and fostering secure collaboration within a SharePoint environment.

Digitize Your Procurement Process:

Streamline bidding processes and save valuable time with ProcureEZ. The solution provides a central repository for all procurement activity within a secure SharePoint environment.

Bid Management:

Allows users to create, submit, and track purchase requisitions electronically, streamlining the request process.

Vendor Management:

Enables users to maintain a database of approved vendors, including contact information, performance evaluations, and contracts.

Bid Content Management:

Effortlessly manage procurement-related documents within the Sharepoint environment. Leverage the power of Generative AI in creating bid documents, proposal summaries, and scoring based on evaluation criteria.

Custom Workflows/Approvals:

Tailor workflows to meet unique business requirements, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Electronic Procurement (e-Procurement):

Enables users to conduct procurement activities electronically, including sourcing, bidding, and vendor selection, reducing paperwork and manual processes.

Vendor Portal:

Offers a self-service portal for vendors to submit bids, update their information, view purchase orders, and communicate with the procurement team.

Analytics and Reporting:

Drive data-driven decision-making with persona-based dashboards and reports for intuitive tracking and management ease. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify areas for cost savings and process improvement.

Compliance and Risk Management:

Helps ensure compliance with procurement policies, regulations, and industry standards, and identifies and mitigates potential risks such as supply chain disruptions or supplier non-compliance.

Integration Capabilities:

Comes with Integration capabilities with other business systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), accounting, and inventory management software to facilitate data exchange and streamline processes across departments.

Base Capabilities:

  • Risk Mitigation: Lower procurement risks with streamlined processes.
  • Document Control: Improve control and compliance over bid documents.
  • Accelerated Processes: Speed up procurement with efficient bid management.
  • Master Settings: Manage bid settings for quick and efficient management.
  • Activity Tracking: Track tender-related activities for enhanced visibility.
  • Personalization: Customize ProcureEZ with branding elements.
  • Role-Based Access: Provide different access levels for stakeholders.
  • Audit Compliance: Generate reports for audit compliance and transparency.
  • Why Choose iLink Digital:

  • SharePoint Mastery: Harness proven SharePoint expertise for seamless integration and secure procurement activities.
  • AI Integration for Insightful Procurement: Seamlessly integrate AI for strategic insights and predictive analytics.
  • Ready-to-Deploy Configuration: Quickly configure ProcureEZ to align with your workflows.
  • Flexible Growth with Extension Capability: Extend and adapt ProcureEZ as your business evolves.
  • Agile Integration Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate with Azure services and O365/M365 for a unified ecosystem.
  • Intelligent Decision-Making: Leverage PowerBI for data-driven insights.
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