Student Aware: Student Safety Starts Here

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Identify students at risk of suicide, violence, abuse and other dangerous online activity.

Student Aware helps your team identify and rescue vulnerable students.

Developed in full partnership with school boards and law enforcement agencies, Student Aware evaluates online behaviour to provide your team with valuable insights for children at risk of suicide, exploitation, cyberbullying, radicalization, violence and abuse. With the potentially life-saving impact of this platform in mind, all features were designed to shed light on crucial situations with speed and simplicity.

  • Real Time Data and Reporting - using the power of AI, online activity is analyzed and filtered into categories allowing admins to monitor all traffic in real-time.
  • Privacy Minded Insights and Investigations - student data is anonymized until an investigation is launched, ensuring the smallest possible privacy footprint.
  • Concise and Interactive Analytics - supplement interventions with clear and customizable analytics to help counselors and support staff make informed decisions.
When high risk incidents cross thresholds defined by your school board an investigation is automatically launched and the appropriate parties are notified by email. To help protect student privacy the initial email will only contain samples of the high risk content that was discovered and provide the investigator with a secure link that will allow them to quickly follow up.

Investigative accounts provide a narrow view of the high risk content initially, and, if warranted, allows the investigator to expand the context of their search into all online behaviour. Student Aware maintains a short retention period of non-risk data to also help minimize any impact to student privacy. Risk data is stored as part of the investigation until you clear out the data manually or 30 days after an investigation hs been closed. You can download a copy of the data for legal or information request reasons.
Student Aware is also delivered at cost, with the belief that price should not be a barrier for your team implementing tools of this with level of importance and impact to student safety.

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