Industry 4.0 IIoT and Automation for Manufacturers


Industry 4.0, IIoT, Digitalization of Manufacturing Companies Using CNC Machines and Sensors

Achieve shorter production time, better OEE, predictive maintenance, and unlimited sensor connectivity with Upkip, an Azure-based industrial IoT solution for manufacturers of all sizes.

- Affordable digital transformation
- Improved competitiveness while insourcing improved efficiency of labor and equipment
- Efficient predictive and preventive maintenance
- Focus on the consumer root cause analysis on failure or productivity

The platform provides a comprehensive digital environment for monitoring factory utilization and the conditions of individual machines in real-time.
- Reduced cost (scrap, downtime reasons, maintenance, paperless productivity, automated reporting and data collection). 
- Comparison and optimization of manufacturing processes based on geographical and historical information.
- Overall improvement of enterprise innovation capacity and productivity.
- Statistical reporting of manufacturing process results.
- Improved overall quality of the final product.
- Fast detection and reaction in case of failure. 

The platform comes with a set of manufacturing best practice KPIs and monitors performance against them, so you can evaluate what's more important for your business:
- Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
- Availability, performance, quality (machine, order, operator)
- Operator and equipment utilization
- Equipment downtime tagging
- Equipment specific KPIs (rate, load, temperature, status, noise)
- Operation progress (estimated vs left on number and count)
- Work order status (on time, on budget, on quality)
- Equipment maintenance progress

Achievements with Upkip:
- Create situational awareness - at any given point showcase the needed data for each factory element so workers are aware of its status remotely
- Stop guesstimating - have precise measurements of key KPIs like time to produce and order or item within it, machine and people effectiveness or cost deviation per item
- Provide transparency and real-time key KPI reporting at every level of the manufacturing facility
- Improve productivity of the factory in terms of man, machine and time efforts. Optimize the factory capacity for production by keeping in mind orders, stock of raw material and multiple other factors. 
- Stop before scrap is made - UpKip's goal is to identify scrap before the order is launched for manufacturing. With IoT connectivity in place to raise the needed alarms for factory workers. 
- Customer and sales transparency - provide customer orders (delays, quality etc.). Enable your sales team with a greater understanding of capacity.

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