Leonardo solution's for Energy Monitoring and Optimization

EMODS (Energy Monitoring & Optimization for Decision Support) provides continuous monitoring of energy consumption with a decision support system that delivers output related to optimized scenario. EMODS is able to grow over time, starting from monitoring and analysis component and then evolving to advanced Analytics, Bill Audit, Forecasting and Real Time Management for costs and consumptions optimization.

Last years’ worldwide policies are calling Public Administrations, Utilities and Industries to pursue a smart energy usage for emission and costs reduction. These actors are asked to identify and realize interventions in order to promote and increase energy performance of their infrastructures and to enhance energy efficiency. In such a context, Governments and Critical National Infrastructures have an increasing need of solutions and services not only to achieve the targets established by national and international laws, but also to reach complementary advantages such as lower energy bills that can be obtained through custom energetic behavior analysis and consequent suggestion of best practices. An effective energetic management of plants, sites and even districts, cities or regions is based on the availability of related information, appropriate measures for corrective interventions, forecasting capacities, a deep knowledge of the available tariffs and of the energetic market, centralized procedures and invoicing controls. 
Leveraging on modeling and simulation techniques and Big Data, Analytics and IoT technologies, Leonardo’s energy efficiency solution is a platform addressing the management of energetic monitoring and data analysis to supply decision support facilities for energy efficiency and saving. The cloud based energy monitoring and optimization solution acquires and correlates data from devices and high energy consumption equipment to offer analysis functions useful for the definition of immediate efficiency actions to reduce both current consumptions and those referred to high activity periods. The Energy Management Optimization & Decision Support (EMODS) solution allows the development of an Energy Community in which every stakeholder is advised about the current situation, the achieved results and the future goals to be realized though the usage of summary reports, also generated in real time, and automatic alarms that can be shared through different channels like emails, social networks or others. The dashboards and reports produced by the EMODS solution allow our customers to have a deep knowledge of their consumptions through a complete view on the energy usage for all the their processes and represent the basis for the production of the guidelines aiming at the reduction of consumptions and costs. 

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