Lighthouse Spectra

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Simply powerful ediscovery for Microsoft 365 data and beyond with Lighthouse Spectra

This application is available in the UK
Get more done with the budget, people, and time you have with technology engineered to accelerate your ediscovery workflows and dramatically reduce review data volume and hosting costs. 

The most competitive legal teams are using future-ready technologies to intelligently manage compliance and ediscovery data. In today’s data-driven reality, selecting the right solution is essential to success. 

Spectra is a cloud-based ediscovery solution delivering the industry’s most powerful data processing, review, and analysis capabilities in an easy-to-use, modern user experience that eliminates the need for technical know-how or intensive training. 

On the Spectra platform, in-house legal teams and law firms can: 

  • Supercharge compliance and ediscovery workflows for faster, more effective document review with CORE Automation—a proprietary Lighthouse technology that seamlessly transfers data between the industry’s most powerful ediscovery tools 
  • Dramatically reduce review data volume and hosting costs with Native File Manager by loading only text and metadata for full-fidelity search in Relativity and selectively loading only the native files needed for eyes-on review 
  • On-demand access to legal technology advisory and support, including:  
      • Lighthouse Spectra Solutions | a team of solution specialists collaborating with Spectra users to develop and deploy custom platform solutions 
      • Lighthouse Services | a team of legal technology professionals capable of defensibly and efficiently addressing even the most complex compliance and ediscovery matters; Spectra users can effortlessly transition cases on Spectra for end-to-end management by Lighthouse Services 
      • Lighthouse Focus | a team of review technology experts dedicated to identifying opportunities to employ advanced AI-driven analytics to intelligently cull review data 
      • Lighthouse Digital Forensics | a team of digital forensics practitioners driving the identification, collection, and preservation of case data, delivering the resulting processed data to Spectra for review 

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