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ad.agio is Neodata’s product responding to “Everything publishers, advertisers and agencies want from an ad server“.

With ad.agio you get a powerful analysis engine, advanced forecasting capabilities, a personal customer support account and the possibility to customize anything you want.

A delivery engine, ad.agio, allowing you to set-up and manage targeting rules to deliver relevant editorial or advertising content in real time.

ad.agio is an RTB enabled, multi-channel, multi-device display and video ad server, and it is fully customizable.

ad.agio is a powerful multi-channel, multi-format ad server capable of delivering highly optimized campaigns that match both your readers and your editorial content. It’s already available in English and Italian languages.

  • Analyzes your audience, allowing for highly targeted advertising at an individual level. ad.agio builds profiles for each user and delivers timely and relevant promotions to him or her.
  • Identifies correlations between user profiles and editorial content.
  • Provides traffic forecasts based on each single user’s detailed log history, allowing publishers to control inventory and avoid overbooking.
  • Generates multidimensional reports with real time drill-down and roll-up functionalities; custom reports are also available.
  • Supports integration with non-standard advertising formats.
  • Serves a variety of video advertising formats and supports integration with both standard flash and proprietary players.
  • Delivers content optimized for mobile devices, smart TVs, set top box and other new media devices.
  • Integrates into your existing systems and is customizable according to your requirements.

Target industry is Media Agencies, Publishers, Broadcasters.

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