orderbase TimeManagement for BC

από orderbase consulting GmbH

Staff work time logging (SWTL) including pay-off and Production data acquisition (PDA)

It is not too little time we have, but it is too much time we are wasting!

The orderbase TimeManagement covers two essential areas of order processing: Production data acquisition (PDA) and staff work time logging (SWTL) including pay-off. This straightforward system covers all the necessary acquisition and settlement structures and is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics. 
The close interaction of SWTL and PDA is an outstanding distinctive feature, which enables the user to optimize the use of Microsoft Dynamics. Different working time models, automatic shift recognition and summaries for preset periods facilitate the personnel administration significantly. The additional use of the orderbase Terminal ensures continuous data gathering. 


- Fixed and flexible working time models 
- Automatic shift recognition 
- Periodic analysis and accounting 
- Order information 
- Plausibility check by combining SWTL and PDA Data 
- Optimization by orderbase Terminal and MegaBoard 
- Integrated in Microsoft Dynamics

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