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Influencer marketing software for performance-driven companies.

Peg is a suite of software that powers the influencer marketing for over 1,700+ companies, across 169 countries. Peg is the only platform that connects to your existing tools such as Google Analytics, Shopify, AppsFlyer and Adjust to truly measure the ROI of performance-driven influencer marketing.

  • Powerful search - Search by keywords or advanced filters to easily identify the best social influencers in the world for your brand, film studio, music label or charity
  • Audience demographics - Forget subscribers as a metric, discover new influencers based on the audiences they reach
  • Brand collaborations - Easily check to see which brands influencers have or haven't previously collaborated with
  • Complete picture - See reach and links to an influencer's social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Export data - Download CSV files of raw data to share with colleagues and clients or to compare channels
  • Influencer messaging - Start a conversation with an influencer or their management in just one click

Our end-to-end platform includes influencer identification, campaign management, advanced reporting and audience retargeting, and is trusted by leading brands like Unilever, L'Oréal and Universal.

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