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Improve business intelligence & grow sales with e-commerce for Dynamics 365

Now that you’ve chosen an ERP solution that is scalable, powerful, and future proof, it’s time to make sure that your e-commerce solution is equally capable. Otherwise, you risk stunting your growth potential with an inflexible e-commerce strategy that can’t evolve with your business and that requires an unnecessary back-end maintenance workload.

You can make the most of your ERP investment by leveraging its real-time data in your web store: turning Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Dynamics 365 Business Central into a powerful e-commerce engine.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer or retailer selling to professional B2B buyers, or directly to consumers, you can benefit from the Sana application’s seamless ERP e-commerce integration. The Sana application puts your ERP at the heart of your online business, ensuring that the e-commerce experience you offer meets the customer demands most common in your business type or industry.

This enables your business to:

Empower your clients to find, order, reorder, pay for and return products online at their convenience, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and more revenue from existing customers.

Simplify web store setup and ongoing maintenance by using your ERP to power your web store —which is designed to be implemented in just weeks without requiring heavy customizations.

Provide a better buying experience that’s consistent across all devices — online and offline — and equips shoppers with the tools they need to quickly and easily make an informed buying decision.

Improve sales results by reaching a larger global market, opening a new sales channel and creating new sales touchpoints online with e-commerce.

Across B2B and B2C businesses alike, there remains a common thread: organizations want to offer online experiences that are specific to their buyers’ preferences, use cases, and needs. Integration with your ERP allows your client and product data to drive the personalized features and functionality your customers want from a web store. Sana Commerce can help maximize integrated e-commerce for your customers.

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