StratusCore™ Virtual Studio™

από StratusCore Inc.

Use top animation/VFX apps in a secure collaboration workspace starting with this free 3-hour trial

StratusCore™ Virtual Studio™ lets visual effects artists, animators and editors run critical, industry-standard applications virtually, no matter where they happen to be. Top talent on movie, game, TV and ad productions use it to design, build and render complex scenes with top-tier performance and security.

Virtual Studio delivers access to key applications in a revolutionary new pay-as-you-go pricing model ideally suited to freelance talent collaborating remotely. Artists rent the apps they need for only as long as they need them to do the job, avoiding the headaches of building up and maintaining their own complex hardware and software environments. All it takes is a laptop with a standard broadband connection.

Multiple artists and even large teams can take turns working on a scene without having to move files anywhere. Typical problems with lost, damaged, corrupted and pirated work disappear when the talent comes to the files instead of the other way around.

Try for free for the first three hours. Workstation hours, applications, and storage are available by the day, week or month after that. Buy render credits as you need them, at competitive pricing. The list of available applications is growing all the time so look here for the latest:

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