Xovis Flow

Xovis AG

The integrated cloud solution that puts people flow at your fingertips

As an international market leader for intelligent people flow solutions in retail, airports and transportation, Xovis now provides easy-to-use cloud solutionsThe cloud-based dashboard called FLOW gathers visitor data from Xovis' 3D people counting sensors with options to expand analytics based on user's needs. Integration partners can now implement software that’s easy to use with state-of-the-art Xovis sensor technology. The data provided by FLOW will help users make more informed business decisions that ultimately increase long-term success. FLOW is the ideal people flow software service for retail analytics, smart buildings and smart offices. 

Xovis FLOW is offered via integration partners. Become a Xovis partner and join us in rethinking people flow.


FLOW Features + Benefits

  • Cloud-based dashboard within an easily accessible web application  

  • AI-powered people counting based on best-in-class sensors 

  • AI based gender metrics, staff exclusion and more 

  • Data and alerts in real time 

  • Expandable solution with add-ons for more detailed metrics 

  • Export of people flow data into other systems with open cloud interfaces  

  • Unlimited number of users supported 

  • Ideal for applications in smart buildings, retail and transportation hubs 

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