Unmanned Life - Robotic Orchestration Platform

by Unmanned Life

A Software Platform orchestrating different types of drones and robots to work as autonomous fleets

Unmanned life has built the leading software platform for the seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics. We can deploy and manage at scale, integrated and hybrid swarms of different types of robotic devices (drones, AMRs, etc.) for the industry 4.0 and smart city sectors, with existing projects in drone-based security, hybrid manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, & more.

Our unique connection and orchestration between robotic devices is interoperable across networks, including 5G native connectivity, and we are flexible across cloud, edge, or hybrid deployment models. Data from the robotic devices combine with our Core AI to influence real-time decision making and analytics, and data is safely shared through integrations to existing Business Information systems.

The full operation is available to deploy through our intuitive web interface, giving operators control of their hybrid autonomous fleets.

In addition to multi-robot orchestration across sectors, Unmanned Life has specialised in specific verticals to provide end-to-end solutions

An application extended by the platform, designed to connect and deploy autonomous drone fleets for security surveillance and inspection of facilities. With cutting-edge features such as 5G connectivity, autonomous charging, thermal imaging, AI decision-making, and more, U-Security can deliver real-time, remote surveillance capabilities, deployed through a simple user interface.

Capabilities include:
  • Best-in-class commercial drone hardware integrations | DJI M350 & Zenmuse H20T Thermal Camera
  • 5G connectivity on the drones for real-time autonomous BVLOS command & control, as well as high-quality video streaming to the interface
  • Swarm orchestration for drone-fleet missions
  • Drone Docking and Weather Station for solution autonomy, and flight safety parameters
  • Easy to use Web Interface, with rapid mission setup
  • On-Demand and Scheduled mission launches, with tool assistance for generative flight pathing
  • Reactive mission launches based on integrated sensor systems on-site
  • Compatibility to leading Video Management Systems
  • AI Computer Vision for Intrusion detection
  • Hybrid Cloud-Edge deployment models

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