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Secure generative AI access for your organization with FranklyAI for Teams

Outperform your competition by leveraging the power of generative AI, including ChatGPT, within your trusted Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Gain the benefits of AI with a strong governance approach.

Key Features

  • Access to the features of pre-approved generative AI models through Microsoft Teams
  • Enterprise guardrails, secure deployment, risk mitigation
  • Integration into Microsoft Teams requires no staff training
  • Non-logging approach provides data privacy and security
  • Create and share personas (prompts) tailored to your organization's specific use cases
  • Gain insights into how staff use generative AI through the enterprise dashboard
  • Multilingual interface for effective communication

Designed with Technology and Security in Mind

We work at the intersection of innovation and security, offering an integration that not only boosts productivity but also reflects the need for security and privacy of information. Our business plan has a non-logging setting tailored for sectors such as government entities, public companies, and highly regulated industries.

Getting Started

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Benefits of FranklyAI

  • Access to secure generative AI models
  • Custom personas (prompts) give increased productivity
  • Control and monitor organizational AI use
  • Clear governance model to accelerate AI adoption

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  • Can send data over the Internet
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