Copilot Advisory Services: 2-week assessment


Learn how to use Microsoft 365 Copilot scenarios with a assessmen by customers

With Microsoft Copilot about to go live, Nanyang has great talent and a strong AI team to support your business in every way. Helping enterprises achieve digital transformation, improve work efficiency, make it easier for employees to use Microsoft Copliot, improve productivity, save time and cost, and make your business more competitive. Improve employee productivity and satisfaction with Copilot, and inject new momentum into business growth.

Assess the needs of your employees:Identify the high-value Microsoft 365 Copilot scenarios for your organization across creativity, productivity, and skilling. Accelerate outcomes using Microsoft 365 Copilot :Showcase Microsoft 365 Copilot in real-world scenarios. Develop a solution plan for enhancing outcomes :Develop a plan to implement recommendations based on prioritized scenarios.

Estimated length of engagement: Estimated cost:

Customer attendees:Microsoft 365 Copilot preview Executive Sponsor, CXO, ITDM

Pre-Engagement Kick-Off : This session covers what each upcoming session will entail and sets expectations with the customer for delivery and agreed-upon outcomes.  Readiness Assessment:This assessment verifies that the customer has met the Microsoft 365 Copilot prerequisites. Readiness Assessment Review and Guidance:The readiness assessment calculates the customer’s readiness for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption. It provides context for the customer’s score and offers recommendations for addressing technical gaps.

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