Enterprise Identity and Governance -1 Day Briefing


Avaleris developed a Capability Maturity Model to help organizations quickly assess the current state of Identity Management and Governance policies, procedures and technology against best practice.



The right foundation for Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) can help protect your organization from threats and makes it easy for your users to be productive. During this briefing you will learn how latest Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies for Enterprise Identity Management can assist your organization.


  • Understand how to secure access for authorized users only with multi-factor authentication and conditional access.
  • Learn how to improve the user experience by going password-less, using self-service password resets and/or single sign-on.
  • Develop a plan to simplify IT processes and compliance associated with Identity Management and Governance.
  • Deliverables:

    Day One:

  • Presentation of Microsoft technologies including Azure Active Directory, Entitlements Management, Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Manager, Windows Hello and Privileged Access Management.
  • Assessment of current state using Avaleris’ Capability Maturity Model for Identity.
  • Recommendations and prioritized next steps to guide your organization’s Identity journey.
  • Avaleris proposes to provide services as outlined in this offer, our pricing is based on our understanding of the project and the defined scope and associated assumptions.

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