Microsoft Copilot Data Structure Workshop: 5 day workshop

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Work with Bytes to ensure that your business critical information stays protected.

Copilot will be totally reliant on the data within your organisation in order to work to the best of its ability. If your data is not structured in the right way and not properly locked down, Copilot will likely cause some exposure issues. Let’s say you haven’t locked down SharePoint and OneDrive access within your environment. A distracted or disgruntled user might find a spreadsheet that contains critical internal information such as everyone’s bank account or salary information, and accidentally or maliciously share it with people who should not have access to it. In this instance, Copilot could be used to quickly find the spreadsheet in question and immediately send a notification email to appropriate members of staff. This would happen incredibly quickly and would essentially negate the consequences of the user’s action.

Day 1 - Discovery Review current data structure and discover what sensitive data exists on the current environment.

Day 2 & 3 - Plan & Design Create a high-level plan that explains how we will restructure your data if required and put retention policies against this data, whilst also ensuring that only the right people have the right access.

Day 4 & 5 - Implement & Test We will then make the changes agreed in Phase 2 and test to ensure our design is working as intended. We will also test to ensure that access controls have been implemented correctly and confirm that we have solved the issue of users being able to access whatever data they require.

Bytes focus on customer business objectives and provide security solutions which protect and enable our customers. Bytes focus on customer resilience and solutions which are robust enough to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s emerging threats.  Following this workshop our customers will benefit from Microsoft 365 functionality that will provide the following enhancements:

• Accuracy and Relevance • Reduced Ambiguity • Enhanced Productivity • Consistency • Minimized Noise • Improved Collaboration • Reduced Misinterpretation • Easier Debugging and Maintenance

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