Microsoft Copilot Data Security Workshop: 5 day Workshop

Bytes Software Services

Work with Bytes to build a security and trust framework to ensure correct access to all of your data

Microsoft Copilot will have access to all of the data within your Microsoft 365 environment, so you need to make sure your user base isn’t using it to share sensitive information either outside of the business, or with teams that shouldn’t require access to it. How do you ensure this can’t happen? By setting up data classifications, labelling and loss prevention (DLP) in your Microsoft 365 estate.

Day 1 - Host Host a session with key business stakeholders to understand what data is most important to you.

Day 2 - Review Review default classifications & make any required modifications to return as few false positives as possible.

Day 3 - Create Create any required custom classifications identified within the initial session.

Day 4 & 5 - Identify and Testing Gather data from the key business stakeholders and use it as a test for the new classifications, to ensure they are working correctly. We will then create custom data labels to identify the data that might not necessarily be sensitive in the conventional sense but is still important to your business.

Finally, Bytes will create data loss prevention policies to stop the identified sensitive and important data from leaving your business. This will ensure the correct foundation for a successful Copilot deployment and will include the below outcomes:

• Protecting Sensitive Information • Compliance Requirements • Intellectual Property Protection • Data Encryption • User Authentication and Access Control • Reduced risk of data leaving your organisation

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