Application Readiness Service: 2 hrs - Briefing


Demo of Application Readiness Services for proactive packaging applications for Windows with good documentation and insight into your application landscape and life cycles

Are you curious about your Application Readiness for Microsoft 365? How do you keep your applications running with the continuous update cycle on Microsoft 365 and from various vendors? Do you have many application updates and do your internal application requests take too long? Are you worried about getting your applications ready and working on Microsoft 365? Then you need an efficient application packaging process.

In this briefing we will discuss our Application Readiness (ARS) service and how it can help you making the move to Microsoft 365. With ARS you can use an efficient process with which applications are quickly and efficiently prepared for your Microsoft 365 workplace environment and the transition to the Microsoft 365 Cloud. We also offer proactive services to keep track of your application versions and automatically implement application updates. We prepare applications for deployment trough the Microsoft Store for Business. This ensures Microsoft 365 workplaces that are always equipped with the latest versions of applications, satisfied users and accelerate your Windows 10 adoption. After all, your end users no longer have to request for newer versions of applications and have the Cloud experience for your (legacy) applications. You gain insight into your application readiness for Microsoft 365, and you do not need to invest in knowledge, skills and tooling.

ARS gives you insight and control over your application landscape, by:

• Insight into your application landscape and readiness for Microsoft 365

• Expertise and quality in proactively supporting application lifecycles

• An aligned and implemented process to submit, test, and accept requests for application packages ready for your Microsoft 365 workplace environment

• Documented application installations and configurations

• Application packages suitable for distribution to your Microsoft 365 workplaces

• Satisfied end users

• Accelerate your Windows 10 adoption

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