Dynamics 365 Mailup Connector: 1-Day Assessment

Cluster Reply

Cluster Reply has developed an integration between MailUp functionalities and Dynamics 365. This Assessment is the perfect way to start talking about connector feautures and your requirements.

This assessment is focused on ( "Cluster Reply Mailup") connector solution in order to provide an example and knowledge about this "out of the box" integration. The goal of this meeting is to present the Cluster Reply solution, install free (or professional) version inside the customer’s environment, and collect new requirements related to different business objectives. These requirements could be the base for new features development and a personalized version of this integration, in order to tailor this solution for specific needs.


  • Dynamics 365 + Mailup connector demonstration
  • New Requirement Collections
  • Provisioning of demo environment
  • Connector (light) installation in your Development Dynamics 365 Customer Environment


At the end of this assessment, we will provide:

  • Office Excel document on new requirements
  • Demo environment
  • Cluster Reply effort and planning in order to develop customer-specific features

At a glance