Consulting services for objective and key result management within Viva Goals (PoC)

Combis d.o.o.

Consulting services for Viva Goals (objective and key result management) are focused on Proof of concept of OKR methodology and Viva Goals solution.

During the Proof of concept, the focus will be on establishment of best practices for setting up the company's objectives and key results, in context of methodology framework that fits to Microsoft Viva Goals. That means that company will receive set of guideance about identification of strategic objectives and key results, about needed roles and responsibilites and also, about operative guidelines how to manage OKRs through time.

After setting up the framework, during piloting we will guide participants how to use Microsoft Viva Goals tool. Guideance will be organizaid per different roles (IT for techical settup, Goals managers for establishment company's objectives and key results, initiatives members who will be in role of managing projects activities and tasks within Microsoft Viva Goals).

Proof of concept includes the above activities for 50 involved employees, during 2-3 month period.

Viva Goals Pilot project is for companies that have a leadership that aims to lead strategic goals transparently, with the ambition of involving as many departments and employees as possible. Pilot projects are for companies that already use some practices for managing strategic initiatives, or that have plans for the implementation of the OKR methodology in the near future. Also, the project targets organizations that are focused on the digitization of internal processes, including the process of managing strategic goals.

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