Concept Study Dynamic365 Commerce 1-Day Assessment


After this 1-day assessment we draft a complete proposal for the optimization of your commerce process based on Dynamics 365 Commerce within your SMB or enterprise organization.

Do you want to give your customers the possibility to choose where and when to buy, regardless of their device? Or do you even want to use AI technology to respond to customer needs and create a higher return? With Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can create a smart e-commerce experience!

During this concept study with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, ConXioN has a thorough conversation with your project team, which usually consists of managers, salespeople and key employees. We start off with an inspiration session where we show the key features and possibilities of Dynamics 365 Commerce.

After that, our consultants determine the current situation (AS IS) for each type of employee. We investigate the existing commerce process, the way of working, the currently used software tools, and so on.

The desired future situation (TO BE) is also extensively analyzed. Which functionalities suit the organization and end users? Is integration with a CRM or ERP desirable? In this workshop we tailor all this according to the possible settings. These are just some of the questions we are looking to answer together. Of course, during the analysis, we also pay attention to security (role-based and user-based).

For this analysis of the AS IS and TO BE situations, we map out both the strategic vision as well as the functional needs to get a clear view of the organization and the process. In addition, we also carry out a technical analysis: which solution matches the overall picture and your expectations best?

This is the agenda for the 1-day assessment: *Analysis AS IS/ TO BE situation *Quote with description concrete solution with budget and timing based on the information collected and the results of the concept study *Demo of the chosen technical solution(s) *Adoption workshop

Pricing may depend on the complexity of your specific setup, environment and/or organization.

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