Customer Insights 1-Week Proof of Concept


You will learn what Customer Insights can do for your business. Based on your data we will calculate VBS and RFM measures, allowing you to build segments and create unique customer profiles.

Customer Data Platform

Customer Insights is Microsoft’s solution towards the demand for a Customer Data Platform (CDP). A game changer in your CRM landscape!

Adding a CDP to your CRM landscape takes it a step further than traditional data warehouses or marketing data management platforms. In a CDP, data from different sources is gathered, combined and reinforced with intelligence (machine learning approaches, advanced algorithms, etc.) and made actionable.

The outcome: a central hub in which meaningful customer data is accessible within the context of the customer interactions, providing more meaningful insights and clearer contexts by a true customer 360° view and more detailed perspectives that lead to smarter decision-making and personalization through powerful segmentation.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights focuses on the unification of data from multiple data sources, providing a single view of the customer. Customer Insights will tell your marketing and sales users what your customers’ expectations are, what a customer likes and dislikes, their behavior, etc. All this resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention.


In this 1-week proof of concept you will be able to evaluate what Customer Insights can bring of value for the experience you want to bring to your customers. You will learn the concepts of using a customer data platform and how Customer Insights helps you ingesting data, unifying data, calculating measures, building segments and creating a unique customer profile.

Through the upload of your data in Customer Insights you will be able to directly experience the power it offers. We will, based on your data, define VBS (Value Based Scoring) and RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) measures. Allowing you to define marketing segments that can have a direct impact on your business. Therefore, within the scope of one week showing you the value of using Customer Insights.

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