Factor Apps Service Offering - 12 months

Factor Tech

A 12 month, annuity based services model for the implementation of pre-packaged applications for repetitive service delivery tasks, digitisation and automation.

Factor apps allows your organisation to rapidly deliver scalable solutions for multiple business lines across the organisation by leveraging Dynamics 365 and Power Apps to create a true enterprise platform. It is specifically designed and optimized to enable our clients with repetitive service delivery tasks to digitise and automate processes, enable staff to perform value-add activities, and reduce the technical and business debt required for each new project. By providing Factor Apps as an annual subscription service, our clients will have a dedicated team to solving business problems by using a proven delivery method to maximise return on investment. Our clients will also have access to the Factor Apps catalogue containing a wide range of ready to deploy business applications with minimal configuration to suit their needs. This is achieved through ongoing change and adoption, dedicated delivery periods, and design quality assurance.

This subscription gives you access to our catalog of pre-built Microsoft Power Apps for deployment into you tenancy, applications such as:

  • Employee on boarding
  • Gift register
  • Conflict of interest
  • Employee Hub (Goals, career planning, manager check ins)
  • Travel requests
  • Timesheets
  • HR case management
  • Procurement requests and approvals

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