Power BI Quickstart: 5-Day Proof of Concept

FTS Data and AI

Our Power BI Quick-Start Package is a fast and easy way to start your data visualisation and reporting journey with Microsoft Power BI

Trying to get started on your PowerBI journey? Trying to understand how to deliver impactful data visualisation to your organisation? Looking for guidance on architectures, licencing and best practices? This quick start session will help you understand how to adopt the tool and deliver genuine value.


Our consultants will join you over 5 days to work hand in hand to conduct the following exercises:

  1. Conduct a business needs workshop to determine a valuable use case
  2. Determine data sources and system requirements to map out feasibility
  3. Design a Data Model to support the reporting
  4. Build sample dashboards and reports
  5. Demonstrate how Self-Service Capability can be deployed
  6. Along the way share tips for best practices, architectures and approaches

We conduct this exercise in close contact with business and technical users and close out with a showcase to senior leaders to demonstrate the value delivered.


From this exercise you will get:

  1. A working report and data model deployed to your environment
  2. A high level architecture for your solution
  3. A roadmap for implementation in your business
  4. A clear understanding of how PowerBI fits into delivering a data driven culture for your business

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