Power Apps: 1-Week Implementation

Incremental Group

Get a Power App designed, developed and deployed in less than 1 week

For companies looking to digitally transform their business processes.

Microsoft Power Apps allows businesses to rapidly create apps that convert manual processes into automated and digital processes. While Power Apps aims to empower business users to create apps, some organisations need help to get the ball moving.

Our Power Apps Development Programme will assist you in getting a Power App designed, developed and deployed to business users in less than a week, and will involve:

  • The identification of use cases where a Power App will assist
  • Assessment of key metrics for measuring your Power App success and value
  • Design and development of the Power App in an agile way
  • Knowledge management and end-user training

Who is the Power Apps Development Programme aimed at?

Ideal candidates have a business process that involves physical data capture or pieces of paper or places where you have data entry for a specific task.

Day 1

  • Exploration workshop led by Incremental Consultant
  • App selection and success measures

Day 2 - 4

  • App development and refinement

Day 5

  • Power App demonstration
  • Production migrations
  • Knowledge transfer session
  • Deployment and security management


  • A Power App that solves a real-life business problem in your organisation
  • 2 hours of support over the next 30 days to guide you as you continue your Power Apps journey

This engagement is perfect for getting a foundation upon which to build your suite of Power Apps, propelling your business transformation.

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