Microsoft 365 Copilot Fast Start: 3 weeks


Set your organization up for Microsoft 365 Copilot success with this three-week engagement led by our Modern Work experts.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Fast Start

Microsoft 365 Copilot is here

The excitement around Microsoft 365 Copilot has been gaining traction since its announcement earlier this year. If you are like a lot of enterprises, you are also excited but understand that this “whole new way of working” comes with the investment of your time toward preparing your users and your environment, potential risks, costs, and more. Insight recognizes the effort and concerns of our clients around implementing Microsoft 365 Copilot:

•With such a large investment, how do we ensure ROI? •What are the best use cases for our organization? •What data will Microsoft 365 Copilot access and are there content exposure risks? •Do we have the right security, privacy and compliance controls for generative AI? •How do we approach pilot and production roll-out? •Are our end users prepared to adopt “every-day AI”?

Get on the fast track to Microsoft 365 Copilot readiness

Set your organization up for Microsoft 365 Copilot success with this three-week engagement led by our Modern Work experts. Design to address all your questions and concerns about Microsoft 365 Copilot and provide you with a plan for organizational readiness in three phases:


•Art of the possible •Your organization’s vision for Microsoft 365 Copilot •Prioritized use cases •Organizational requirements •Success criteria


•Use case personas •Content exposure risk •Licensing/costs •Data governance •Adoption framework


•Summary of discovery and assessment findings •Environment recommendations for preparing your environment •Recommended pilot/production roll out approach •Roadmap for extensibility scenarios


•Understand how Microsoft 365 Copilot will most benefit your organization with an analysis of use case scenarios and personas. •Prepare for licensing and storage costs associated with advanced use cases and long-term adoption. •Receive actionable readiness plans for: •Technical readiness •Security, privacy and compliance •Successful end user adoption •Pilot and production roll-out •Receive a long-term roadmap that provides timelines for adoption and extensibility scenarios that drive ROI.


Receive a report-out of work completed and recommended readiness activities, including:

•An overview of work performed and your organization’s vision, use cases, requirements and success criteria •Assessment results for business personas, risk, licensing and costs, data governance and adoption framework •Recommended technical and business readiness actions, pilot/production roll out plan best practices, and roadmaps for extensibility scenarios

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