MW05 - Teams Provisioning App - 3-Wk PoC Offering (PoC)


Explore Teams Provisioning App through a focused Proof of Concept to assess benefits, user experience and technical fit

The number of companies that want to use Microsoft Teams is continuously increasing. Therefore, establishing the right implementation strategy, decisions about policies and governance become more important as the organization grows.

Mindcore has developed a Teams Provisioning App to create new Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders. This ensures a uniform, safe and controlled creation of new Teams - every time! The solution is implemented directly in your cloud solution.

The advantage of our app As part of our app, we have focused heavily on the integrability of the solution as well as a large degree of customization:

  • Integrated into Team's clients
  • Creation of Team's channels under established governance
  • Possibility of prefix and/or suffix on the Team's name
  • Possibility of dating for use in lifecycle management
  • Mandatory or optional description
  • Management of the minimum number of owners
  • Specifying whether the Team may be opened to external users
  • Indication and acceptance of governance/rules for use of Team

Flexible solution Our Teams Provisioning App has a standard baseline, i.e. it comes with a fixed feature set as a starting point. The solution can also be adapted to special requirements and wishes for functionality, layout,

Experiences from customer cases: Mindcore has implemented the app for several of our customers, just as we naturally use it ourselves to provision new teams.

Matas: Implementation of the Teams Provisioning App with few adaptations, primarily in relation to the use of customized welcome emails and branding with own colors and logo. Plesner: Implementation with Power App as front-end solution. In addition, Plesner wanted customized welcome emails and branding with its own colors and logo. Esbjerg Kommune: Implementation of the standardized version of the Teams Provisioning App, which covers exactly their needs for Teams Governance. Technolution: Technolution implemented a solution with different Team templates and a strong management of naming, in addition to branding with its own colors and logo.

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