Modernize Communications: 1 Day PBX Assessment


Provides the necessary tools to assess, analyze, and map the full configuration of the source PBX environment into a ready-to-execute Microsoft Teams Phone System production solution.

Up to 5k users. Additional users on quote.

This Service provides Poly expertise to assess, analyze, and map the full configuration of source PBX environment based on Microsoft Teams Phone System PBX capabilities. The Service will provide summary level details of the Customer’s legacy PBX system(s) to give complete visibility of their PBX system(s) configurations including feature parity analysis between them and moving to Microsoft Teams Phone Systems, devices, detailed extension level data, usages, and Contact Center IVR related configurations.

The end deliverable of this Service is the presentation of a PBX Assessment report to provide a baseline and analysis of the legacy PBX system(s), its configuration, and evaluation of various aspects regarding the ability to migrate into Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Depending on the source PBX, the Assessment will cover: • Summary of users, extensions, and devices • Summary of user readiness for a migration to Microsoft Teams Phones System • Aggregated migration readiness status • Devices hardware inventory • Color coding to reflect readiness Level • Devices: Phones, Stations, and Attendant Consoles • Groups: Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups, Coverage Answer, Intercom Groups, Trunk Groups, Page Groups. • Abbreviated Dial: System, Group, Personal, Enhanced • Contact Center: Announcements, Agents, Holiday, Meet-me Conference, Skills, VDN’s, Vectors, Vector Routing Table, Vector & VDN Variables

THIS SERVICE INCLUDES: • Summary of users, devices, system features mapping, and feature parity analysis with Microsoft Teams • Detailed feature parity that enables stakeholders, who are not telephony experts, to fully understand the impact of any decisions on the organization • Detailed mapping and analysis for all sites • Bulk data and cleansing, feature and admin policies • Reports to export for actual migration • Final migration assessment report and next-step recommendations toward the migration into Microsoft Teams Phone System

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