Portfolio Rationalisation: 10-Wk Implementation

PricewaterhouseCoopers UK

Manage security cost by assessing current security capabilities and consolidating security controls, capabilities and services with Microsoft technology

Utilising a collaborative, workshop based approach, PwC’s Portfolio Rationalisation holistically assesses organisation’s security capabilities across the enterprise, identify areas of improvement, and facilitate the adoption of Microsoft 365 cybersecurity technologies to Utilise, Rationalise, and Optimise their cybersecurity portfolio. The work for the portfolio rationalisation process is spread across three phases:

  1. Provide a questionnaire, glossary of key terms, and pre-session communication to understand client’s focus areas and current state of tools environment
  2. Identify overlaps between client’s existing tools and Microsoft technology and understand how we can help address the gaps and help rationalise the capabilities
  3. Develop documentation (action plan/roadmap) to recap key pain-points and opportunities. Assist with additional discussions, workshops and projects (as necessary)

Benefits of our approach:

We can help potential customers utilise the full range of their Microsoft 365 licencing thereby reducing complexity and simplifying their technology stack. For example, company A might have an E5 licence but is currently not utilising Microsoft Defender (and instead using a different product) or not using Azure Information Protection at all, both of which are included in E5 licencing. Using our portfolio rationalisation approach, we will help identify these opportunities to optimise spend on redundant capabilities (replace a different product with Microsoft Defender) and increase integration between security tech, and identifying gaps in cyber capabilities that can be addressed using existing licences (such as utilising Azure Information Protection).

Pricing and timeframe will be on custom terms

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