Microsoft 365 Copilot Kickstarter - 12 Week Engagement

Rapid Circle

Interested in purchasing or purchased Microsoft 365 Copilot? Our offering will help you adopt Copilot at scale, engage and bring your people along, and focus on making AI Powered work a success.

Our Copilot Kickstarter offering is designed to help organisations implement Microsoft 365 Copilot at scale. If your organisation is wanting to embrace AI Powered work, this engagement will help you roll out & embed Microsoft 365 Copilot at scale, establish foundations for use of AI in work product, as well as drive consistent use cases and validated proof for company leadership - this is the offering for you.

Our offer comprises:

  • Strategy workshops
  • AI & Governance foundations
  • Information Managment & Architecture workshops
  • Assessment of current state Microsoft 365 & AI environments
  • Technical configuration of Copilot including Semantic Index considerations
  • Change & Adoption activities over multiple "waves" of users
  • Communications planning for 12 week rollout
  • Success measurements and capture of 1-2 success stories
  • Capture & Identify organisation specific use cases
  • Learnings, outcomes and recommendations report for ongoing success.

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